Bella Hadid es la mujer más guapa del mundo, según la ciencia

photo_camera Bella Hadid lidera el estudio.
Beyoncé y Amber Heard ocupan el segundo y tercer puesto en el estudio

La modelo Bella Hadid es la mujer más guapa del mundo. Así lo revela un estudio científico, basándose en la proporción áurea de la belleza phi, un método que mide la perfección física según la idea de perfección entendida en la Antigua Grecia.

La forma de sus ojos, cejas, labios, nariz, mandíbula o forma del rostro son algunos de los parámetros estudiados. Hadid fue la mujer que obtuvo mayor puntación, con un 94,35 por ciento.


Today I have been featured in the @dailymail and @bazaaruk, declaring @BellaHadid the most beautiful woman in the world - according to the 'Golden Ratio' equation devised in Ancient Greece (and Beyoncé is a close second). The 23-year-old was found to be 94.35% 'accurate' to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi - which measure physical perfection. Her eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and came closest to the ancient Greeks' idea of perfection. Singer @Beyoncé, 38, was second with 92.44%, actress @AmberHeard, 33, was third with 91.85% and pop star @ArianaGrande, 26, was fourth with 91.81%. Kate Moss, 45, the highest rated Briton and in sixth place overall, had a reading of 91.05% - well ahead of her rival and the UK's other most successful supermodel, @CaraDelevingne, 27, who was in tenth place with 89.99%. The list was compiled using the latest computerised mapping techniques which allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients' surgery. The Golden Ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks in an attempt to measure beauty. #news #beauty #plasticsurgery #harleystreet #beautifacation #beautifulfaces #jdsgoldenratio

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Beyoncé, con un 92,44 %, y Amber Heard, con un 91,78 %, quedaron en segundo y tercer lugar respectivamente. En el caso de la artista, fue valorado positivamente la forma de sus labios y la forma de su rostro. La actriz obtuvo una alta puntuación por su nariz, boca y barbilla. Por útlimo, la frente de Ariada Grande le valió la cuarta posición.


The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi 2/10 #jdsgoldenratio @beyonce - 92.44% Beyoncé came in second place as she scored highly on her forehead and brow area. She looks incredible as she approaches her 40s. She had a near perfect score for her face shape. How is the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi measured? The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi originates from the European Renaissance. Artists and Architects used an equation - known as the Golden Ratio - as an aid during the creation of their masterpieces. Scientists have since adapted the mathematical formula to explain what makes a person beautiful. The length and the width of someone's face is measured and then the results are divided. According to the Golden Ratio, the ideal result is roughly 1.6. Measurements are then taken from the forehead hairline to the spot between the eyes, from the spot between the eyes and the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. A person is considered to be more beautiful if the numbers are equal. Attention is then given to the symmetry and proportion of the face. To be deemed 'beautiful' according to the Golden Ratio, the length of the ear must be equal to the length of the nose and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes. #news#beauty#plasticsurgery#harleystreet#beautifacation#beautifulfaces#jdsgoldenratio

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El ranking quedó así: 

1. Bella Hadid (94,35%)

2. Beyoncé (92,44%)

3. Amber Heard (91,85%)

4. Ariana Grande (91,81%)

5. Taylor Swift (91,64%)

6. Kate Moss (91,05%)

7. Scarlett Johansson (90,91%)

8. Natalie Portman (90,51%)

9. Katy Perry (90,08%)

10. Cara Delevingne (89,99%)

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